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Babykick: development of a wearable system for detecting fetal movements during pregnancy

Presenter: Shayesteh Vefaghnematollahi

Date: Sat, December 18, 2021
Time: 08:00:00 - 09:00:00
Place: ZOOM - Please see below.


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Decreased fetal movement can indicate uncommon complication of labor and it is considered as one of the vital indicator of fetal well-being; in response, we have developed a non-invasive, wearable monitoring tool to objectively assess fetal movement called the BabyKick device. The novelty of this device is that it moves away from a traditional subjective assessment of fetal movement to an objective, quantitative measurement that remains low-cost. The designed tool refrains from utilizing expensive and less available monitoring modalities such as ultrasound imaging, Doppler velocimetry or cardiotocography. Instead, the wearable consists of a piezo-sensitive belt that is wirelessly connected to a phone or tablet. It can be used to record the frequency and amplitude of fetal movements perceived passively and non-invasively on the surface of the abdomen of the pregnant woman for a period of up to one hour while she is supine or seated in a reclined position. The findings from the Babykick device will be correlated with those from subjective maternal assessment and the observation of the Research Coordinator during the test. This low-cost, noninvasive wearable belt could potentially reduce negative outcomes such as stillbirth, perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity in low- to middle-income settings and is anticipated to be useful for long-term home monitoring.