Adult education & community engagement

This focus area looks at the role leaders and non-formal adult educators in communities and institutions can play in enabling socially, culturally, politically and ecologically just and transformational change.

This program will be of interest to:

  • community activists
  • policy-makers
  • adult and community educators and practitioners
  • literacy and social workers
  • workplace trainers
  • arts and culture professionals
  • artists
  • those working in non-governmental, voluntary, inter-governmental and governmental organizations and agencies

Program options

We offer a project-based Master's of Education (MEd) program and a thesis-based Master's of Arts (MA) program. Both are 18-unit programs intended for students with diverse backgrounds.

Candidates must choose their specific degree, MEd or MA, before entering the program. Learn about admission requirements.

Courses will be offered online, face to face and summer intensive. Our faculty members bring local, national and international perspectives to the work.

Program delivery

Although students are allowed to choose any Leadership Studies elective courses, we've provided 2 course schedules for you which allows you to focus your course work in an area of your choosing such as Educational Administration and Leadership or Adult Education & Community Engagement. By following the scheduled courses you'll enter into the program of your choice in September and graduate 2 years later. Contact our graduate advisor to select the program that meets your interests and goals.

Our programs feature a high level of in-class discussion, social interaction with peers and community or school leaders and other knowledgeable and approachable instructors. Courses are scheduled during the day, evenings, and at weekends. We have some online courses, but currently the programs are primarily face-to-face.

The program has higher English language proficiency requirements than the Faculty of Graduate Studies, due to seminar-style classes. International applicants must submit English language proficiency results within two weeks of applying.