Podcast: Learning Transforms

Cortney and Ted in the studio.

Learning Transforms with Ted Riecken and Cortney Baldwin is a podcast on research, practices and inspiring people and subjects related to education. Coming to you from the Faculty of Education and the Association of Graduate Education Students (AGES).



Cycling Without Age with Carson Sage

Care for a ride? Kinesiology alumnus Carson Sage, founder of the Victoria chapter of Cycling Without Age, shares what inspired him to provide bike rides to seniors. Cycling Without Age is a service that helps them enjoy nature and fresh air as they are driven around the community in a rickshaw-like bike by volunteer cyclists. He talks about the benefits to both the users and the volunteers. He explains how he turned this project into a key component of his Kinesiology Master’s degree. Get on board and enjoy the ride!


CORE with Carmen Rodriguez and Claire Moser

This episode explores what the Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) is about. Guests Carmen Rodriguez, Chair of the CORE steering committee, along with Claire Moser, tutor at the centre for the last 3 years, tell us more about who benefits from the services of the centre and how it works. While the CORE is dedicated to helping children and youth with special needs, it also offers an opportunity for our teacher education students to explore fun and untraditional ways of teaching as they prepare to become teachers. The CORE also offers grants in the community for initiatives furthering the help of children with diverse needs and much more, thanks to the generosity of donors. More about CORE 


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Your hosts

Ted Riecken

Ted Riecken has been a podcaster since 2004 when the medium first emerged. His show Islandpodcasting was one of the first podcasts from Vancouver Island and ran for five years with over 100 episodes. After working as a Director of Graduate Studies & Research, as an Associate Dean, and as the Dean for the Faculty of Education, he now teaches and does research as a professor for the Department of Curriculum & Instruction. He spends his spare time thinking about exciting ideas for podcasts and hanging out with his dog Watson.

Cortney Baldwin

Cortney Baldwin is a graduate student in Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies doing research on Reconciliation. She previously graduated in Canadian Studies, and in Development Studies. While she loves podcasts, this is her first time hosting one. Cortney's 20 years of customer service and journey through higher education gives her a unique and relatable perspective on many topics. In her time off, Cortney enjoys walking her dogs Bella and Tucker, spending time with loved ones, and daydreaming of all the animals she will rescue as she enjoys a glass of wine.