Podcast: Learning Transforms

Learning Transforms with Emma Edmunds, Shauneen Pete and Ted Riecken is a podcast from the Faculty of Education on inspiring ideas related to education from people who are contributing to making our community and the world a better place.


Suriani Dzulkifli

International Student Experiences and UNESCO withSuriani Dzulkifli

In this episode, we had a great conversation with doctoral student Suriani Dzulkifli about her research and her journey as an international student in Canada, from her undergraduate studies in Ottawa  to her current research in the Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies at UVic.

Suriani describes her use of arts-based methodology in her research to investigate the different ways in which international students navigate the three education settings: formal education, non-formal education, and informal learning that we do on a daily basis.


Jeff Hopkins

Reinventing education with Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins is the creator and principal for the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII) located in downtown Victoria. In this episode, Hopkins explains why he chose to create this new high school to fill gaps in education using questions and quests and how it benefits students.


Lifetime Networks with Wendy-Sue Andrew

Wendy-Sue Andrew is the UVic’s 2020 Education Distinguished Alumni of the Year. She is now the executive director for Lifetime Networks. Living with her son diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy, she moved from being a full-time teacher to helping out children of parents who like her wondered: What is going to happen when the parents are no longer there to support their children? What could they do to have their children on the autism spectrum engage and connect with people to create lasting relationships that will support them through life? Lifetime Networks is now helping over 400 people connect and become more independent.


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Our team

Emma Edmunds (host)

Emma Edmunds was born and raised on Vancouver Island on unceded Coast Salish territories. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies from Vancouver Island University (VIU) and a certificate in Community Health Promotion in Indigenous Communities from VIU. She is a Master of Education Candidate in Adult Education and Community Engagement offered by the Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies Department. She is passionate about helping to build wellness in her community by being conscientious, involved, and compassionate.

Shauneen Pete (host)

Shauneen Pete is from Little Pine First Nation (Treaty 6 territory).  Beyond hosting the Learning Transforms podcast, she is the Faculty of Education’s Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator. She views her work as helping students, faculty and staff to build stamina for the ambiguity of decolonial work. Shauneen was a professor and university administrator; and a storyteller, a magazine writer, and co-producer on two television programs in Regina before moving to Victoria. 

Ted Riecken (host)

Ted Riecken has been a podcaster since 2004 when the medium first emerged. His show Islandpodcasting was one of the first podcasts from Vancouver Island and ran for five years with over 100 episodes. After working as a Director of Graduate Studies & Research, as an Associate Dean, and as the Dean for the Faculty of Education, he now teaches and does research as a professor for the Department of Curriculum & Instruction. He spends his spare time thinking about exciting ideas for podcasts and hanging out with his dog Watson.

Emily Mahbobi (audio editing)

Emily Mahbobi is a pianist, composer, and electronic musician currently studying computer science at UVic. She is also a member of the keyboard faculty at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Her passions include photography, the study of latin dances and rhythms, and contributing to the growth of Victoria’s local music community. Emily is a graduate of the UVic School of Music.

Bryce Mennie (audio recording)

Bryce Mennie is an undergrad student in Music and Computer Science. Previously a student at the University of Waterloo, Bryce had the chance to record and mix shows for Sofar Sounds KW while in Kitchener-Waterloo area. Though this is his first time recording a podcast, he hopes to help create the best audio experience the show can offer. He spends his free time listening to 70s progressive rock and being with his girlfriend Hannah (though not at the same time).

Julie Rémy (producer)

Julie Rémy is the Faculty of Education's communications officer. She is looking into ways to inspire and reach out to the community to share our stories. Julie was previously working for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the creative communications team based in Brussels, focussing mainly on photography and multimedia. In her spare time, she does floral design and lives on a small flower farm with her partner near UVic.