Faculty of Education 2020 Awards Recipients


The Faculty of Education is happy to announce the recipients of this years Faculty of Education Awards. Seven awards have been presented to outstanding members of the Education community. The recipients were selected by their colleagues based on a number of criteria, including career accomplishments or service to their community. These awards are an opportunity for Education departments to celebrate our outstanding colleagues and students.

The Awards & Awardees:

Staff Excellence Award

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes excellence in the performance of the administrative duties in the Faculty of Education.


Pat Bright Staff Excellence Award

Pat Bright received this award for her outstanding contributions to the Faculty of Education. Pat’s history with the Faculty extends from 1986, through various roles, and includes her 15 years of service as Administrative Officer to the Curriculum and Instruction Department. Her core beliefs have led the department through its most challenging times and have demonstrated her dedication to the Faculty’s students, staff and instructors. Beyond the department, the mentorship she has provided to her peers and colleagues across campus has led to meaningful personal and professional development. Through her service, Pat has gone above and beyond her role and has embedded herself as part of UVIC’s campus life.  

Deans’ Undergraduate Student Services Award

The Deans' Undergraduate Student Service Award is granted annually to one undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education who is actively involved in and demonstrates outstanding contributions to the University of Victoria community.


Jill Toppings Deans Undergrad Award

Fifth year Kinesiology student Jill Toppings is recognized for her leadership and volunteerism. As a dedicated Orientation, Destination UVIC and Explore UVIC volunteer, she has supported four generations of new students in their transition to the University. As cohort lead, she has also mentored new Orientation volunteers through their training and preparation. Her dedication, flexibility, warmth and thoughtfulness allow her to create meaningful connections with the students and their families. By sharing what makes UVIC the best choice for our prospective students, and her skills with her peers, her contributions to the university community are outstanding.

Outstanding Graduate Student Research Awards

The Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award is granted annually to Masters and PhD students from the Faculty of Education. The award is to recognize a graduate student for their research, and creative or scholarly contributions to their discipline.


Elizabeth A Website Outstanding Graduate Award

EPLS PhD graduate Elizabeth A. Webster is honoured for her significant contributions to the field of emotional regulation in educational contexts. Her dissertation findings provided valuable and novel insights into the regulation of emotions during collaborative learning situations. Her work also resulted in the development of practical self-reporting tools for use in field settings. Her dissertation builds on a stellar graduate student record, including an extraordinary GPA and research grant/award record, including a four-year term as a Bombardier Scholar. She has established herself as an emerging scholar with a strong early publication record. Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Webster and her supervisor, Dr. Allyson Hadwin.

Aishah Bakhtiar Outstanding Graduate Award
EPLS PhD graduate Aishah Bakhtiar is honoured for her significant contributions to the field of co-regulation, motivation and collaboration in educational psychology. Her dissertation established new understandings about how motivation emerges through shared activity, and suggests the development of new instructional supports to build collaborative skills. Her dissertation is the culmination of years of dedicated performance as a graduate student, evidenced in her extraordinary GPA and $140,000 in graduate funding. She has already authored 9 papers from her PhD research, and has presented extensively on her work at multiple conferences.  Our sincere congratulations to Dr. Bakhtiar and her supervisor, Dr. Allyson Hadwin.

Diversity in Education Award

The Diversity in Education Award is given annually to a student, staff or faculty member within the Faculty of Education who demonstrates leadership in diversity and inclusion.


Meredith Lemon Diversity in Education Award

EDCI PhD student Meredith Lemon is recognized by the Diversity and Belonging Committee for the scope and range of social justice and diversity activities she has been involved with during her time as a student. She has provided significant contribution to our university community and has helped make post-secondary accessible for marginalized individuals through University 101/201. As a graduate student, Meredith also uses the social, cultural and environmental sustainability lenses to measure our efforts and impacts on the planet, and on those who have been marginalized or excluded from systems. She enacts socially inclusive leader potential while serving as a role model to others in our community.

Excellence in Research Award

The Emerging Scholar Award recognizes a faculty member who early in their career demonstrates excellence in multiple categories, including research awards and external funding, creative outputs, publications and presentations, and research-inspired teaching.


Anita Prest Excellence in Research Award

Anita Prest’s research is profoundly shaping and influencing music education across BC and around the world. Her efforts to integrate Indigenous ways of knowing and pedagogical approaches into her teaching and work with students across our faculty and in educational settings around the world is world-leading. Additionally, her community work, creative performances, graduate student mentorship and publications illustrate how deeply integrated Indigenous principles of learning are to her everyday practices as a scholar and educator. Anita has built a strong level of trust among Indigenous partners in BC and among local/regional school leaders: these relational practices are the foundation from which she has built a shared and collaborative approach to shifting educational practices in significant ways. In an era of Reconciliation, Dr. Prest models how non-Indigenous researchers can advance collaborative partnerships and scholarship with Indigenous communities and peoples.

Sam Liu Excellence in Research Award
Sam Liu is recognized for being a knowledge mobilizer, sharing information with the public at large around the impacts of technology in the lives of children and adolescents. Dr. Lui is active researcher and involved in leading or supporting more than 15 research grants. He operates a well-established research lab with a strong cadre of graduate student researchers, providing exceptional training for honours students and graduate students alike. A total of 80% of his recent research publications and presentations were completed with graduate students, illustrating his strong commitment to growing the skills and abilities of a new generation of researchers. He clearly believes that research makes a difference in the world, and his passion comes through in the ways in which he works with undergraduate and graduate students.