CORE celebrates 10 years


A legacy gift to kickstart CORE

In 2010, the Faculty of Education received a sizeable donation from a former primary school teacher who wanted their legacy gift to benefit children through education that is child-centred and service-oriented. This transformative gift inspired our faculty, led by Dr. Ted Riecken and Dr. Jillian Roberts, to create the Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) on January 19, 2011.

In the 10 years since CORE opened, hundreds of children in grades K-8 throughout Greater Victoria have walked, skipped, and ran through our doors to receive the inclusive and responsive educational support they need to become confident learners. Through CORE programs, over 150 educators have worked as tutors, trained in inclusive teaching practices, and become trusted partners in learning for children and families in our community.

Thanks to a partnership with the Kwum Kwum Lelum Centre at the Songhees Wellness Centre, CORE Mobile programs launched to support in-community learning and literacy in after-school programs. Since 2018, CORE Mobile partnerships have included the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and Stelly’s Secondary School, providing customized learning and literacy support to meet each child’s unique learning needs – when and where they need it the most.

CORE on-campus programs have grown to encompass 1:1 support in reading, writing, and math, conversation-based group support for English language learners, and group reading support in CORE Book Clubs. In 2020, CORE programs moved online and we continue to lift up nearly 100 learners each week with flexible, responsive, and personalized support in a safe, supportive community.

Keeping it going

Finally, through the small but mighty CORE grants program, children and youth have explored learning through physical activity, arts and culture, focused skill development, interactive workshops, counseling services, and more! With CORE grant funding, Education faculty, students, and community partners work together to develop and deliver projects that explore vital topics in education and address the learning needs of children and youth throughout Greater Victoria.

It's amazing to think that 10 years ago, one teacher’s commitment to lift up early learners would inspire a diverse learning community that removes barriers to literacy and sparks joy in the hearts and minds of its learners, educators, and supporters. Thank you to every child, family, faculty, staff, partner, and donor whose enthusiastic engagement and support have helped the CORE community grow and thrive, even in uncertain times. We are grateful to celebrate CORE’s 10th birthday with you!