Maria del Carmen Rodriguez de France

Maria del Carmen Rodriguez de France
Associate Professor
Indigenous Education
Office: MacLaurin A270
Area of expertise

Indigenous education, Diversity a social justice, Second language acquisition, Indigenous early childhood education, Teacher education, Arts-based and place-based education, Formal and non-formal education, Community-engaged scholarship.

Carmen has been working in the field of education for 34 years. As a former schoolteacher, she understands the importance of developing and exploring approaches to teaching and leaning as a tool to advance critical thinking.

Through her participation in a variety of community-based initiatives in schools, recreational centres, art galleries, and other spaces for learning, Carmen's work with in-service and pre-service teachers focuses on creating awareness to better understand, appreciate, and learn from the histories and stories of the Indigenous people of Canada and other parts of the World.

Carmen's research is always motivated by her own interest to be a life-long learner and promote diversity and social justice. Consequently, her work involves teaching students and other stakeholders within educational settings. 

  • Indigenous Education
  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Indigenous Early Childhood Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Arts-Based and Place-Based Education
  • Formal and Non-Formal Education
  • Community-Engaged Scholarship


Carmen Rodriguez de France's publications can be found by searching on the UVicSpace website under the Faculty of Education-Indigenous Education. 


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