Catherine Gaul

Catherine Gaul

BEd (New Brunswick), MSc (SFU), PhD (Victoria)

Office: MCK 128


Dr. Kathy Gaul is a Professor and Course Director, Foundations of Medicine, Island Medical Program. Kathy was the recipient of the 2008 UVic Legacy Award for Teaching.

Research interests

  • Exercise physiology
  • Pediatric sport performance
  • Women and exercise
  • Health benefits of exercise in cancer patients
  • Occupational physiology
  • Fitness and testing

Selected publications

Gibson, J.C., Stuart-Hill, L. A., Pethick, W., & Gaul, C. A. (2012). Hydration status, and fluid and sodium balance in elite Canadian junior women’s soccer players in a cool environment. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, 37(5), 931-937.

Gibson, J., Martin S, Stuart-Hill, L., & Gaul, K. (2011). Nutrition status of junior elite Canadian female soccer athletes. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 21(6), 507 -514.

Mulligan, G., Taylor, N., Glen, M., Tomlin, D., & Gaul C. (2011). Cross-disciplinary thermoregulation and sweat analysis laboratory experiences for undergraduate Chemistry and Exercise Science students. Advances in Physiology Education, 35(2), 206-212.