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The Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) is a win for our student teachers, children, and community. At CORE we provide a campus-based and a Songhees Nation programs for children and youth. Individualized support in reading, writing and math from our Teacher Education students. UVic provides the space for the centre while operations are 100% donor funded. Never underestimate the impact your gift can have on the life of a child!

When Wendy Gedney, alumna, retired teacher and CORE donor, was introduced to a group of CORE tutors, we heard a wee gasp coming from one of our students. “Hello Victoria, how are you?” Wendy said as she spotted the gasp. “It is amazing, I taught her in grade 3, almost 20 years ago at Gordon Head Elementary. She was so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. Even at the time, I could see her potential to become a great teacher."

Behind every statistic is an inspiring story of a student who was able to realize their dreams, an alumni who was able to give back, a faculty member who was able to build on yesterday to make a stronger tomorrow. On behalf of everyone at the Faculty of Education, thank you.

When Jenna Grossman received her entrance scholarship it felt like the university was saying welcome and when she received scholarships in her second year she says that they gave her “a message of support and acknowledgement. Donor support is woven into Jenna’s story of positivity and resilience. It underpins her sense of belonging, and her ability to advance towards her goal of becoming an educator and choir director.

Giordano Corlazzoli, student with the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (EPHE), has received multiple scholarships. Being a goal-oriented guy, these awards are not only motivating, but they also give confidence, financial security, and time to take on additional learning activities. He now mentors younger students in the Anatomy Lab, helps the trainer of a football team, works part-time as a trainee paramedic and volunteers at the MS Society.

"Elder’s tell me we’re not revitalizing the language, because that suggests the language is dead. It’s not, it’s alive,” says Dhati. “We’re strengthening the language, in ourselves, and in our communities. But within me,” she says, “it feels like an awakening process."

"Education—as a discipline and a practice—evolves continually. Our field needs to respond quickly to opportunities such as the new BC Curriculum, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and important insights into the workings of the nervous system and brain. Support from donors helps us to re-align ourselves to meet these opportunities and to offer our students richer preparation for the challenges they will encounter. One of the great benefits of life within education is the connections and relationships with hugely diverse communities and people. Whether we work in kinesiology, rehabilitation, counselling or schools, the people around us make our work possible. It is a great honour to be part of this community, which our alumninand our donors help to keep responsive and compelling. You help us to ensure that our learning and research transform people, professions, and communities."

. Ralf St.Clair
Dean of Faculty of Education

Our priorities

Indigenous Education

We are proud to be the first Canadian university to offer a required course in in Indigenous Education for all preservice teachers (first offered in 2007). Indigenous Education at UVic is committed to making the learning environment more welcoming to Indigenous people, to meet the language revitalization needs of Indigenous communities and to educate both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Over the last decade, our programs have made great strides in reflecting the needs of Indigenous students and more recently responding to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. However this is only the beginning of the opportunity, there is more work to do.

Learn more about Indigenous Education.

Centre for Outreach Education (CORE)

The Centre for Outreach Education was established in 2011 by a generous bequest from an anonymous donor and is 100% donor funded.  CORE provides children and youth who have complex learning needs with accessible, individualized support in reading, writing and math from students enrolled in the University of Victoria’s Teacher Education program. Our programs are provided in a fun, safe and social setting at both the University campus and at the Songhees Wellness Centre in the Songhees First Nation.  Since CORE opened its doors hundreds of vulnerable children and youth in the Greater Victoria area have been supported and 100 undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Education have gained valuable work experience. The tutoring services offered through CORE Club are free and can relieve undue financial stressors for parents not only providing economic relief but also as importantly, allow their children create new relationships and the necessary confidence to succeed in school.  The combination of increased academic confidence in children and  on-the-job training for the student teachers works to level the playing field and strengthen the capacity of our education system to meet the diverse needs of students of all ages and abilities.

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Taking Graduate scholarship to the next level

Did you know? The Faculty of Education currently has the most graduate students enrolled in the entire University of Victoria.

Graduate scholarships and bursaries attract talented scholars from around the world to the Faculty of Education and when the best and brightest join our research community, they get the tools they need to follow their passions and lead innovations into our shared future. Working collaboratively with world-renowned faculty, our graduate students are at the forefront of ground breaking research that enhances the well-being of people and communities. Competition for graduate students is challenging, especially among top research universities but with your gift, we will be able to provide incentives necessary to keep us at the top. We would like to introduce you to a few of our outstanding grad students:

Invest in a student

Did you know? In 2016, we had 1065 undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Education.

Scholarships and bursaries help make education accessible; they reward hard work, recognize need and create possibility. Student awards help remove financial barriers faced by students and open doors to academic excellence facilitated by our renowned faculty. When you contribute to, or create, a scholarship or bursary you also give the Faculty of Education a competitive edge helping us recruit and retain students from diverse regions and backgrounds. To learn how your investment can make a meaningful difference in the life of a student, we would like to introduce you to Jenna Grossman.

Every gift has an impact

Your donation can encourage students to achieve amazing things. It can inspire researchers to solve big questions. It can, quite simply, change the world.

There are many ways to support Faculty of Education students. Create a scholarship or bursary; support a particular department or project; honour someone important to you; or leave a gift in your will. If you would like to speak to someone about how you can create an impact for our students and faculty, Kim Manton, our Development Officer would love to hear from you

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