Early childhood education

The Masters of Education degree in Early Childhood Education (MED ECE) brings experienced educators together for a two-year cross-disciplinary program. The courses will focus on current issues and trends in early childhood education and will address a range of theories that guide early childhood studies. Students will conclude their program by developing an original graduating project based on their specific area of interest in early childhood education. Students will complete 15 units (7 courses plus graduating project) that will occur through two on-campus Summer Sessions, and two on-line Winter Sessions. The program cost is approximately $11,000 (spread over five installments).

For expression of interest in this cohort please contact edcigrad@uvic.ca 

Program contact: Dr. Jodi Streelasky jodistre@uvic.ca
Graduate adviser: Dr. Kathy Sanford edcigradadv@uvic.ca
Graduate Secretary: Fariba Ardestani edcigrad@uvic.ca

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Faculty of Education
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2


Note: MED professional cohorts are generally part-time

Proposed Courses:
EDCI 551 The Young Child in Today’s Society
EDCI 591 Children’s Literature
EDCI 591 Personalized Learning in Early Childhood Education
EDCI 567 Interactive and Multimedia Learning Theories
EDCI 509 Development and Implementation of the Curriculum in Art
IED 587 Young Children and Indigenous Ways of Knowing
EDCI 591 Drama and Young Learners
EDCI 598A Project Proposal and Literature Review
EDCI 598B Project
EDCI 597 Project Dissemination

10.5 units of coursework in the focus area (delivered in a hybrid model, either online or on campus), 4.5 units Project Completion. Total: 15.0 units

Please refer to the UVic Academic Calendar on the courses information or contact

Course requirements (effective September 1, 2014):

  • EDCI 514 Educational Discourses (1.5)
  • EDCI 581 Research Methods in Education (1.5)

Electives (4.5) Approved by the academic supervisor

  • EDCI 599 Thesis (7.5)

Total: 15.0 units

Course requirements (effective September 1, 2014):

  • EDCI 614 Discourses in Educational Studies (1.5)
  • EDCI 681 Advanced Research Design (1.5)
  • EDCI 693 Candidacy Examination (3.0)

Electives (3.0)

  • EDCI 699 PhD Dissertation (30)

Total: 39.0 units