Dr. David Blades

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Dr. David Blades

Professor, Science Education & Curriculum Studies

PhD (Secondary Education), University of Alberta

MEd (Curriculum Studies), University of Victoria

BEd (Biological Sciences and Physical Education, with distinction), University of Victoria

Professional Teaching Certificate, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Government of B.C.

Office:  MacLaurin A566

Phone:  250-721-7775

Email:  dblades@uvic.ca

Faces of UVic Research:  David Blades

Dr. David Blades

  • Theory and philosophy of science education curriculum
  • Science education methodology
  • Aesthetics in/of science education
  • Ethics and curriculum development
  • Curriculum history and theory
  • Post-structuralism and curriculum change

My research interests have been primarily the deconstruction of science education as a field and approaches to teaching science towards finding new ways to think about science and the role of science in the lives and education of citizens. I hold several associated research projects, including science for citizenship and authentic science experiences as well as a continued interest in improving the pedagogy of science education.  I hold a dual appointment in science education and curriculum theory and teach undergraduate courses in science education pedagogy and graduate courses in introductory and advanced curriculum theory.  I’ve served as Associate Dean of Education, Director of centres for science education, and graduate advisor.  I have received awards for teaching at three different universities and a Killam scholarship and Ted Aoki Award for contributions to field of curriculum studies.

Current research projects:
  • Examination of the effects of authentic science experiences on students’ attitudes towards science
  • Role of learning decision-making in science education
  • Theoretical foundations of science education
Some recent papers and chapters:

Blades, David (2012). Why most students don’t choose STEM careers. PolicyMatters, Nov. 9, 2012 published at: PolicyMatters.

Blades, David W. (2012). Power and socioscientific issues: The pedagogy of Mire’s critique of skin whitening cosmeceuticals. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 12 (3), 292-301.

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Blades, David W. (1997). Procedures of power and curriculum change: Foucault and the quest for change in science education. New York: Peter Lang.

Recent presented papers:

Kim, M., Anthony, R., & Blades, D. (2012). Argumentation as a tool to understand complexity of knowledge integration. Paper presented at the 2nd International STEM in Education conference, Nov 24-28, Beijing, China (presented on Nov. 26).

Blades, D., van der Flier-Keller, E., Milford, T., Alpert, S. (2012). The EOS (Earth and Ocean Sciences) 120/Education project: Improving science teacher education through faculty partnerships. Poster presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, B.C., April 14. (main author)

Hammond-Todd, M. and Blades, D. (2012). The sustainability and the curriculum of endangered species. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Vancouver: University of British Columbia, January 11. (co-author)

Blades, David and Sen, Göksenin (2011). Re-sculpting vulnerability in physics education: From suffering to elegance. Presentation to the 5th Biennial Provoking Curriculum Conference, University of Alberta, October 22 (referred).