Bursaries and scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of your GPA using the list of students registered in the Faculty of Education as of June 1 each year.

Some scholarships are also available to students in specific specializations. To learn more about student awards visit UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid. For more information, call 250-721-6570 or email .

Please submit your application by May 31 each year.

Applications for Education Scholarships available now for download.

In Person

By Fax

By Mail

Office of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate programs 
Faculty of Education
McLaurin A247

Fax your application to:
Attention:  Office of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate programs

Office of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate programs
Faculty of Education
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
Victoria, BC, V8W 2Y2

Students may be considered for the following bursaries by completing the general bursary application. You only need one application to be considered for all bursaries.

  • Margaret E. Ableson Bursary
  • The G. Clifford Carl Memorial Bursary
  • The Clearihue Bursary
  • Martin Collis Undergraduate Bursary
  • The Goldy Cross Memorial - Saanich Rotary Bursary
  • The Howard & Donna Denike Memorial Bursary
  • Alison J. Donaldson Memorial Bursary
  • Annie Finnerty (Mrs. M.B. Pollock) Bursary
  • The Fox Memorial Bursary
  • The Lauretta McCall Holdridge Bursary
  • The James Wilson Horne Memorial Bursary Fund
  • The Kathleen M. Hoyte Memorial Bursary
  • The Larry Lee Kinesiology Bursary
  • The Coralie L. Lomas Memorial Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Bursary
  • Millennium Future's Fund Internship Bursary
  • Ida May Munro Bursary in Education
  • Marguerite Emma Grace Scholefield Bursary in Teacher Education
  • The Gunner Shaw Memorial Bursary
  • R.R. Smith Bursary in Education
  • The Taylor Education Bursaries
  • The Kathleen B. Tobin Memorial Bursary

Applications from students are NOT required for scholarships listed in this section.

Unless otherwise indicated in the Terms of Awards, recipients are selected by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendations of the Faculty of Education.

These scholarships are governed by the general regulations for scholarships, medals and prizes. For more information visit UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid.

  • Dr. B. Barbara Adams Scholarship
  • Peter Beugger Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Science Education
  • Vera Flett Keddy Buchanan Scholarship
  • Cameron Memorial Trust Scholarship
  • Hugh Campbell and Marion Alice Small Art Education Scholarship
  • The Denton Memorial Book Prize
  • The Harry O. and Etta B. English Memorial Scholarship
  • The Faculty of Education Memorial Scholarship
  • The William A. and Frances E. Harper Scholarship
  • The A. Wilfrid Johns Memorial Scholarship
  • The M. Beverley Vaio Law Scholarship in Education
  • The Larry Lee Kinesiology Scholarship
  • The Ada and Robert le Grys Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • The William B. and Joyce M. le Grys Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • The Fred L. Martens Scholarship
  • The John and Alice McCulloch Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert Burns McMicking Chapter Iode Scholarship
  • Derrick and Lytta Pereira Education Scholarship
  • The Howard and Linda Petch Scholarship
  • The Ruth and John Rose Memorial Award
  • A. Salmond Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • The Hugh and Lilian Salmond Scholarship in Elementary Education
  • The Kapur S. Sandhu Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret Sanson Memorial Scholarship
  • School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education Scholarships
  • The University of Victoria Revue Awards
  • The Linda Vey Prize
  • The Rosalind W. Young Scholarship