Applying to the BSEng program

To apply, visit the Applying to UVic page on the main UVic website. Please note that the Bachelor of Software Engineering program’s admission deadlines are different from other programs at the University of Victoria.

The Faculty of Engineering website contains additional admissions information.

Regular entry into first year

If you are a current secondary school student or have already graduated from a secondary school, learn more about the academic requirements needed to enter first-year programs at UVic (based on your province or country of origin). Due to limits on enrollment and the competitiveness of certain programs, the actual cut-offs in a given year are usually higher.

Entry with advanced standing and transfer credit

If you are a student at another college or university that would like to transfer into second or third year at UVic, please see the subsection on colleges and universities on the UVic Admission requirements page.

Second degree applicants

Students with a bachelor’s degree from UVic or another recognized institution may be admitted to a second bachelor’s degree program if they meet the following conditions:

  • The student must meet the admission requirements for the program of the second degree.
  • The principal areas of study or academic emphasis of the second degree must be distinct from that of the first degree.

Initially, students will be admitted as unclassified. Once approved for a specific degree program, students should contact their advising centre to confirm what courses from their first degree they will be able to include in their second degree program.

Students must apply for admission to a second bachelor’s degree by the usual procedure for admission as appropriate.

The university may limit the number of students admitted to complete a second bachelor’s degree.

In addition to applying, students will also need to submit an Application to Enroll in a Second Bachelor’s Degree Program form available through the Office of the Registrar.

More questions?

Please contact the admissions officer.