Sadik Dost

Sadik  Dost
Mechanical Engineering

MS (Karadeniz Technical University), PhD (Istanbul Technical University)

Office: Engineering Office Wing, Room 235

Research Areas

  • Crystal Growth
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Modelling

Research Description

Dr. Dost's current research is focused on crystal growth of binary and ternary semiconducting bulk single crystals from the liquid phase, and involves both experiments and theoretical modeling and numerical simulations. Various numerical and CFD techniques are used to study fluid flow, heat and mass transfer occurring in the liquid solutions of various solution growth systems.

Presently research is focused on four important crystal growth processes, namely Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy (LPEE), Travelling Heater Method (THM), Liquid Phase Diffusion (LPD), and Vertical Gradient Freezing (VGF). The interested materials are GaInAs, GaInSb, SiGe and CdZnTe. These materials are needed for various applications such as opto-electronic devices, x- and gamma ray detectors, optical switching, medical imaging devices, energy conversion, solar cells and photovoltaic devices, etc.

The crystal growth research has been carried out in close collaboration with industry and other universities, and financially supported by NSERC, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Canada Research Chairs (CRC), Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), AUTO21, Amistar Research Inc., Redlen Crystals Ltd., and DL Crystals Inc.


Dr. Dost currently is not accepting any graduate students.