Dr. Haytham El Miligi facilitates major software donation from Xilinx

April 9, 2013 - Dr Haytham El Miligi has facilitated a generous software donation from Xilinx Inc. This software will be used to enable students in courses such as CENG 441 "Design of Digital and VLSI Systems" and CENG450 "Computer Systems and Architecture" to use much newer software tools to implement their FPGA based designs in the student laboratory.

Along with the newest the conventional Xilinx software, students in graduate level courses such as ELEC590 "Directed Study" can utilize Xilinx's newest software product, Vivado. This enables students to develop FPGA based designs using totally different design flows. For example, one student just converted a conventional C program to an FPGA based hardware design. The range of possibilities now available is very exciting. The Department wishes to thank Dr. El Miligi and Xilinx Inc for this new capability.