Professor A.K.S. Bhat named 2010 Wighton Fellow

June 7, 2010 - Dr. Ashoka K.S. Bhat has been named the 2010 Wighton Fellow. He is the 25th Wighton Fellow to have been named and the second from the University of Victoria, Dr. Zielinski having been the first.

"The Wighton Fellowship is a national award to recognize excellence in the development and teaching of laboratory-based courses in Canadian undergraduate engineering programs. The Award is funded by a generous endowment from the late Dr. J. L. Wighton, formerly a Professor of Engineering, whose commitment to the laboratory component of engineering curricula led to the formation of the Fellowship in 1986 in cooperation with the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science (NCDEAS) and the Sandford Fleming Foundation. The Fellowship has been awarded every year since its inception in 1987 at Universities across Canada.

The Wighton Fellowship is awarded annually and consists of a $3,000 stipend and a certificate. Nominations are reviewed by a Selection Committee composed of the President, Past President, and Secretary of the NCDEAS, and the Secretary of the Wighton Fellowship (from the Sandford Fleming Foundation)."