New National Network on Computer Security has a connection to ECE

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NSERC Internetworked Systems Security Network (ISSNet)

March 25, 2009 - NSERC Internetworked Systems Security Network (ISSNet), a new $5 million Canadian network of computer specialists to enhance Canada's security includes Dr. Stephen Neville as one of the founding members.

NSERC will give the Internetworked Systems Security Network $1 million a year over five years. Additional funding will be provided by industrial and government partners interested in promoting Canadian-based research and development of personnel with expertise in the area of Internet security. The network includes 14 researchers across 8 coast-to-coast institutions as well 22 Canadian industry and government partners, including the Government of British Columbia.

The new group called NSERC ISSNet is hosted at Carleton University under the supervision of the project's scientific director, Dr. Paul Van Oorschot. ISSNet will mentor a new generation of experts to increase the flow of trained graduate students into industry. As well, the network will develop new, cutting-edge tools that can be shared with industry.

Dr. Stephen Neville opened the Information Security and Privacy Research (InSPiRe) Laboratory in 2005. The labs focus is on addressing systems-level security/privacy and distributed systems issues within large-scale IT systems and networks.