Changing your program or faculty

How to request a change to your program or faculty depends on what kind of student you are (new, current or returning), so read the procedures below carefully.

New undergraduate students

If you wish to change the faculty to which you have applied or been admitted, submit a request in writing, by email or by fax to Undergraduate Admissions. You will only be considered for a new program provided space is available and the application deadlines for the new program have not yet passed. These changes may cause you to forfeit your registration if you have already registered in program specific courses.

Please note that if the program in which you wish to enroll has restricted admission (e.g. Music, Physical Education) you should also contact the department or school involved. 

Returning students

If you’ve been away for more than one year then you need to reregister and should use My UVic application.  You can choose to remain in your previous program or choose a new program.

Current students

The method for changing your program or faculty depends on which faculty you’re currently in. 

If your current faculty is:

And you want to change to:


Humanities, Science, Social Sciences

Humanities, Science, Social Sciences

Program declaration or change form*

Humanities, Science, Social Sciences

Any other faculty

My UVic application

Not Humanities, Science, Social Sciences

Any faculty

My UVic application

 * If you’ve been away for more than one year use My UVic application.

Before applying to a new program review the program’s website for application deadlines and documentation requirements. Some of the professional or limited entry programs (e.g. Social Work, Visual Arts) will require you to submit supplemental information in addition to your application.

Not sure which faculty you’re in?  Check your Administrative Transcript.