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A selection of the Community-Engaged Research (CER) at the University of Victoria 2009-2015 project reports.

Community-Engaged Research (CER) at the University of Victoria 2009—2015

In 2016-2017, the Office of Community-University Engagement (OCUE) co-sponsored a research project, Community-Engaged Research (CER) at the University of Victoria 2009-2015, with the Vice-President Research. Led by Dr. Crystal Tremblay (Research Associate, OCUE), the project examined the breadth and impact of community engagement initiatives that occurred at UVic between 2009-2015.

Over the course of this research project, Dr. Tremblay identified 167 instances of community engagement that occurred at UVic. She also considered how these instances of engagement intersect with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the five guiding pillars of OCUE and the four areas of international impact as identified in UVic's International Plan.

Dr. Tremblay identified that 71% of these initiatives are making an impact on Vancouver Island and that $21 million was secured in research funding for community-engaged research projects from 2009-2015. She also collaborated with faculty and their community partners to produce 12 Impact Case Studies that illustrate the impact of community-engaged research occurring at UVic. 

The data collected during this project will be used to help develop peer review resources and an impact rubric to assess faculty participating in CER for promotion and tenure.

Project reports

Impact Case Studies

Case Study 1

Impact Case Study 1

Title: Removal, Transitions and Trauma: Retrospective Perspectives of Children and Youth, and International Best Practices on Transition Management
UVic unit: School of Child and Youth Care
Faculty leads: Dr. James Anglin and Angela Scott
Case Study 2

Impact Case Study 2

Title: Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone
UVic unit: Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community-University Engagement
Faculty leads: Dr. Leslie Brown and Dr. Crystal Tremblay
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Case Study 3

Impact Case Study 3

Title: Homelessness Through Different Lenses: Negotiating Multiple Meaning Systems in a Canadian Tri-Sector Social Partnership
UVic unit: Peter. B Gustavson School of Business
Faculty leads: Sarah Easter and Dr. Mary Yoko Brannen
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Case Study 4

Impact Case Study 4

Title: Mapping Our Common Ground: A Community Collaboratory for Sustainable Planning and Engagement
UVic unit: Cross-institutional
Faculty leads: Dr. Peter Keller (geography), Dr. Ian O’Connell (geography), Dr. Rosaline Canessa (geography), Dr. John Lutz (history), Dr. Brian Thom (anthropology) and Dr. Jon Corbett (UBC-O); staff: Ken Josephson (geography) and Maeve Lydon (ISICUE); research assistants: Logan Cochrane (UBC-O) and Dr. Bruno de Oliveira Jayme (UVic)
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Case Study 5

Impact Case Study 5

Title: Strengthening Community-University Research Partnerships
UVic unit: School of Public Administration
Faculty lead: Dr. Budd Hall
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Case Study 6

Impact Case Study 6

Title: Participatory Sustainable Waste Management
UVic unit: Department of Geography
Faculty lead: Dr. Jutta Gutberlet
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Case Study 7

Impact Case Study 7

Title: Live Case for Our Place Society
UVic unit: Gustavson School of Business & Our Place Society
Faculty leads: Heather Ranson, Dr. Steve Tax and Dr. Enrico Secchi
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Case Study 8

Impact Case Study 8

Title: Rainy Day Solutions: Enhancing Rain Gardens as Bioengineering Strategies in Municipal Stormwater Management
UVic unit: School of Environmental Studies
Faculty lead: Dr. Valentin Schaefer
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Case Study 9

Impact Case Study 9

Title: Volunteer Drivers in the Greater Victoria Area
UVic unit: Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health
Faculty leads: Dr. Holly Tuokko and Dr. Vincenza Gruppuso
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Case Study 10

Impact Case Study 10

Title: Rural Women’s Strategies of Community Building, Self-Reliance, and Resistance: South Africa from Apartheid to the Social Grant
UVic unit: Department of History
Faculty lead: Dr. Elizabeth Vibert
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Case Study 11

Impact Case Study 11

Title: Traveling Together? Navigating the Practice of Collaborative Engagement in Coast Salish Communities
UVic unit: School of Public Administration
Faculty leads: Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe, Dr. Leslie Brown, Kelly Aguirre, Amy Becker, lsrayelle Claxton and Dr. Brent Angell
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Case Study 12

Impact Case Study 12

Title: The 2060 Project: Low Carbon Energy Pathways for British Columbia and Canada
UVic unit: Institute of Integrated Energy Systems
Faculty leads: Dr. Peter Wild, Dr. Andrew Rowe and Dr. Bryson Robertson
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