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Chang Wei

Chang Wei graduated in 2017. During her time at UVic, she connected with her career educator to explore her next steps. Here's her Q&A about what she learned along the way.

1. What program did you pursue at UVic and when did you graduate?

My major was sociology and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017.

2. What skills and knowledge did you develop through your program?

I learned a lot about critical thinking, and how to analyze and evaluate issues structurally and rationally. I also learned how to approach problems from different angles and positions.

3. What was your favourite part of your time at UVic?

I really loved spending time on the beautiful UVic campus, studying in the library and being at home with my sweet homestay family.

4. Did you take part in any hands-on learning programs or opportunities like co-op, internships, practical or field schools?

I was a Microsoft representatives as a part-time job when I was in my third and fourth years.

5. How did Career Services help you make the move from student to graduate?

At the beginning, Career Services helped me write my résumé and cover letters. They often conduct workshops, like how to connect with your network through LinkedIn, and I found those very useful. As I was getting closer to graduation, I dropped in for a career coaching session with Michelle Floyd, as I was getting anxious about what to do next. She explained things so well and said, “Imagine that there is an exquisite dish in front of you, but you don’t know the recipe.” She encouraged me to analyze my situation, pointed me towards resources to gather information and suggested that I speak with professionals to learn from them. She also gave me some effective suggestions on how to write professional emails in English, as well as how to communicate with others to avoid cultural conflict. She helped me understand that I don’t need to have every piece in place—I can take my work search piece by piece, I can ask others for help when I feel anxious, and I can be inspired by the process.

6. What would you want UVic students to know about Career Services?

Don’t be afraid of knocking on the door. There is no perfect time to get “ready”, but you can practice, you can approach your work search in different ways, and you can always get help from UVic Career Services.

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