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Engineering Co-op Student of the Year strives to make the world a better place

Angus Rittenburg

Various co-op employers

Angus Rittenburg (mechanical engineering) is the Co-op Student of the Year for the Engineering Computer Science and Mathematics/Statistics Co-op Program. Eager to embark on a wide range of workplace experiences, Angus has completed five work terms with five separate engineering companies.

He has worked on electric bikes (Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC), low cost cars for Africa (Mobius Motors in Kenya), rockets (SpaceX in Hawthorne, California), batteries (Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, California), and large scale robots (eatART in Vancouver, BC). Angus has selected work terms that allow him to contribute to positive change, whether that’s developing cleaner power methods, increasing safe transportation methods for rural communities, or stimulating socio-economic growth. He is known for his positive attitude and endless energy; in his spare time Angus has been an active volunteer with UVic’s ecoCAR and ECOSat teams.

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