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The Federal Government Student Ambassadors are your on-campus link to employment with the Government of Canada. We can provide you with application support, general information about hiring initiatives and more. See an overview of our services here.

Check out these upcoming events: 

Virtual Lunch and Learn

Join us for our upcoming Lunch and Learn series from 12:00pm to 1:00pm on Zoom! You can register for these online sessions in the Co-op and Career Portal.

November 9: How to Prepare for Interviews

November 23: Navigating the GC Jobs Portal

Exploring Opportunities with the Government of Canada

When: November 18 | 12pm - 1pm PDT

Where: Virtual event

Are you interested in working for the Government of Canada? Register for this virtual panel event hosted by the UVic Federal Government Student Ambassadors! 

During this virtual panel, you will get the opportunity to connect with former and current students who have completed a co-op with the Federal Government and learn about their unique experiences. You will also have the chance to hear from a UVic co-op coordinator and learn about the Government of Canada job opportunities from a UVic co-op perspective. 
At the end of the session, students will get the opportunity to ask our panelists any questions they may have.

Register on the Co-op and Career Portal!

Meet the panelists: 

Barbara Svec Barbara Svec, MPA, has been with UVic Co-op and Career in the role as Co-op Coordinator since 2005.  She primarily works with graduate co-op students from the School of Public Administration, Graduate Education and Humanities and Fine Arts.  She has placed hundreds of graduate co-op students across numerous departments and agencies with the Government of Canada in the regions as well as in the Nations Capital. Through meeting with her co-op students and their supervisors, Barbara has had the privilege of learning about the diverse range of  transferable skills and competencies that students develop while on co-op with the Government of Canada.
Meghan Corbett Meghan is a Master's of Public Administration student studying how awareness of policies is associated with willingness to adopt heat pumps. She is interested in blending behavioural insights with climate policy to help achieve results. Meghan has completed three co-op terms with the Government of Canada: Assistant Evaluator at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Economist/Analyst at ECCC, and Junior Policy Analyst at the Privy Council Office. Attend the panel session to hear all about her unique experiences!
Paul Willis Paul is a fourth-year commerce student at the University of Victoria, where he is currently finishing his second co-op term with the Department of National Defence. In the past six months, he has worked as a Business Analyst at the fleet maintenance facility at CFB Esquimalt. He has had the opportunity to work in varying departments such as Management Systems, Communications, and Engineering Technical Services, where he's been able to apply knowledge from University on meaningful and impactful projects. Post-graduation, Paul plans to continue his career with the Government of Canada and continue his journey as a public servant.
Federal government student ambassador Kamandeep is here to connect you to opportunities with the Government of Canada.
Federal government student ambassador Kamandeep is here to connect you to opportunities with the Government of Canada.

Want to connect?

If you have any questions about working for the Government of Canada, email us at publicservicecareers@uvic.ca.


Interested in becoming a Federal Student Ambassador? You can apply now! 

Have you previously worked with the Government of Canada? Are you interested in connecting with your UVic peers to help them navigate opportunities within the Federal Government?

The Government of Canada is looking for students to fill the role of a Federal Government Student Ambassador at the University of Victoria starting in January 2022. You will have the chance to assist students with their resumes, applications and participate in various outreach events such as career fairs and information sessions!

Job posting closes on October 24, 2021 at 11:00 PM PST

For more information on the position and the qualifications, please see the full job posting in the Co-op + Career Portal: (206048).


Recruitment campaigns for undergraduate students

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

If you're a full-time post-secondary student, you can apply to this program to be considered for a variety of full-time and part-time jobs! Plus, you don't have to reapply each year—your résumé will remain in the inventory unless you remove it yourself. Submit your résumé here.

Specific FSWEP inventories include:

Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory

This is the federal government's largest inventory. It is an ongoing recruitment inventory offering full and part time work opportunities in a wide variety of fields including business, science, engineering, administration, IT, finance, and many more. The Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory is open to receive applications year-round.

Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity (ISEO)

This inventory is open to Indigenous students only and offers full and part time jobs year round in a variety of fields. The ISEO is typically open to receive applications beginning in January of each year.

Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities (EOSD)

This inventory is open to students with disabilities only and offers full and part time jobs year round in a variety of fields. The EOSD is typically open to receive applications beginning in January of each year.

Other inventories

The Government of Canada offers a number of other student opportunities through FSWEP such as:

  • Student Border Services Officers
  • Student Guides in France
  • Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Student Employment Opportunity
  • Inshore Rescue Boat Student Program
  • Security Officer Student Employment Opportunity
Look for these opportunities on the federal government jobs site.

Federal co-op jobs

If you're already a UVic co-op student, you can apply for federal government work terms in Victoria and across Canada. Visit the Co-op and Career portal to look for federal job postings.

Working for the federal government can provide you with many new opportunities.

Research Affiliate Program (RAP)

If research plays a role in your degree, you can apply to ongoing student opportunities to conduct innovative research for the federal government related to your field of study. Learn how to apply here.

Recruitment campaigns for grads and soon-to-be-grads

Post-secondary recruitment campaign (PSR)

If you've graduated with a diploma or a degree, or if you are in your final year of study, you can apply to specific federal jobs as part of this annual campaign. You can also submit your application to an inventory to be considered for jobs based on your skill-set. The campaign begins in the fall term, so keep an eye out for info sessions on campus hosted by federal recruiters! You can learn more about the campaign here.

Recruitment of Policy Leaders (for graduate and post-graduate students)

If you have a post-graduate degree (Master's, PhD, etc.), you can apply for mid-to-senior level positions, where you'll work to shape public policy. Learn more here.

Specific specialized recruitment opportunities

Find a range of department and agency-specific recruiting opportunities here.

General recruitment

You can also apply to job opportunities through federal government job boards. Browse general job postings.

What's it like to work for the Government of Canada?

Read stories about students who have completed co-op work terms with a range of federal government agencies and departments.

  • Hana Hourston (Mathematics and EOS) - completed a work term with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Read her story. 
  • Julian Sketchley (English) - completed work terms with Services Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada. Read his story.
  • Lumin McCutcheon (BCOM) - completed a work term with the Department of National Defence. Read her story. 
  • Sarah Atkinson (Political Science) - completed work terms with Global Affairs Canada, Embassy of Canada, Asia-Pacific branch. Read her story.
  • Kirsten Krajnc (Civil engineering) - completed a work term with Indigenous Services Canada. Read her story.
  • Meghan Corbett (MPA) - completed work terms with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Privy Council Office. Read her story.
  • Juraj Kobzik (MPA) - completed work terms with the Government of Canada’s Department of Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs (CIRNAC), Treaties & Aboriginal Governance division. Read his story.
  • Yamini Iyer (BCOM) - completed work terms with the Government of Canada and as a Federal Government Student Ambassador. Read her story.

Check out the top ten reasons to work for the federal public service to find out what makes the federal government such a great place to work.



Kamandeep Atwal is currently a fourth-year Civil Engineering student here at the University of Victoria. She has completed three co-op terms with Defence Construction Canada as a Construction Services Coordinator. Kamandeep enjoys helping students achieve their goals of working with the Government of Canada by passing down her knowledge regarding upcoming job opportunities. She looks forward to assisting students find opportunities that are a good fit based on their focus of study and guide them through the application and interview process.


Please email publicservicecareers@uvic.ca to book an appointment with Kamandeep.

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