Federal government jobs

Federal government student ambassadors Logon and Acacia are here to connect you to opportunities with the Government of Canada.
Federal government student ambassadors Logon and Acacia are here to connect you to opportunities with the Government of Canada.

The Federal Government Student Ambassadors are your on-campus link to employment with the Government of Canada. We're here to provide you with application support, general information about hiring initiatives and more.

Want to connect?

If you have any questions about working for the Government of Canada, email us at publicservicecareers@uvic.ca.

Acacia Hooker Acacia Hooker is currently a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student with a wide variety of professional work experience. Having competed a previous co-op role with the Department of National Defence working under Civilian Human Resources, she has gained an in-depth of knowledge about the many opportunities that exist for student employment. She brings a strong knowledge of the job prospects that exist in the Government of Canada, uniquely for civilians within the Department of Defence / Canadian Armed Forces and the structure of the Student Bridging Program for post-graduation. Acacia is pleased to actively encourage and guide other University of Victoria students.
Where can I find federal government help on campus?

Come see us, the federal government student ambassadors for University of Victoria during office hours. Find us at the Career Services Building Room 007. Email us to book an appointment.

What if I’ve never worked for the government before?

You don't have to have worked as a government employee before! Opportunities are open for all areas of employment and skill. No matter if it’s your first co-op or a potential dream job. Why work for the government? See why here.

Do I have to be a full-time student?

Depending on the program or position there may be criteria around your status as a student or if you are returning to studies after your work term, if you have questions please ask us.

Do I have to be a co-op student?

Some jobs are for co-op opportunities only, others are open to students for general Federal Government Work Experience or specific opportunities for Indigenous Student Employment Opportunities or for Students with Disabilities. There is also the Post-Secondary Recruitment Campaign for after you have graduated.

Do I have to be returning to school after the work term?

Please look specifically at the criteria for the opportunities you are interested in as some do require that you are returning to studies after your work term. There are also general job opportunities that are not student dependent. 

Where do I find job postings?

Government of Canada Jobs for general jobs and Federal Student Work Experience Program for student jobs. Also check your Co-op and Career portal for positions posted directly with the University of Victoria.

Are all jobs part-time/full-time?

Not all positions are full time or part time, please read the postings carefully and ask us if you have questions.

Do I have to move to Ottawa?

Not all government jobs are in Ottawa. That is just one of the many areas of the country with Federal Government opportunities. Many positions are available right here in Victoria.

Is the Department of National Defence (DND) the same as the military? 

The Department of National Defence is the department that oversees the military. However, there are thousands of opportunities for civilians, and many of them are student work experience jobs. 

What if I am a University of Victoria Alumni?

If you are a UVic Alumni and have some questions about opportunities in the Federal Public Service please email us.