Held from March to May 2021, the first Climate Solutions Challenge at UVic involved over 40 faculty, staff and students who submitted high-quality climate action proposals for the University to move forward in fostering meaningful climate change solutions.

Participants were invited to submit proposals in two categories.

     1. Looking Past COVID to Climate: 

What lessons can we take from the dramatic changes of the current COVID-19 crisis into opportunities for climate action?

     2. Measuring and managing for climate: 

What tools or approaches could improve the measurement and management of the real costs (including social and environmental) in UVic decision-making processes?  

As part of the submission process, prospective applicants  participated in a Mentorshop with over 20 climate leaders on campus who provided guidance on developing their ideas.

In late May, four finalists pitched their ideas to a panel of faculty and staff including President Kevin Hall and representatives from the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan Integrated Steering Committee and the Climate Solutions Navigator Working Group. The Review Panel welcomed the excellence and passion that they saw in the pitches.

It’s so great to see the drive, innovation and expertise we have on climate action and sustainability amongst our campus community. I absolutely share your passion and commitment. Great work winners and finalists!—UVic President Kevin Hall

The top-ranking proposals and runners-up in each of the Challenge categories have been awarded cash prizes of $1,250 and $750 respectively. Each proposal details a unique approach, and potentially impact climate innovation opportunity for the UVic. Challenge organizers will be working with others at the university to explore the implementation of the winning proposals. All ideas received during the Challenge were shared with UVic’s climate and sustainability action planning committee for implementation consideration. 

As UVic charts its path to accelerated climate action, these necessary and well-developed solutions couldn't’t come at a better time. We have every expectation that these ideas will be considered as part of next steps, and their proponents help to inspire a better future at UVic. —Kristy Faccer, vice-chair, Climate Solutions Navigator


 The winners of the 2021 Climate Solutions Challenge were announced on June 9:













Honourable mentions: 


  • Ellie Gilchrist: Hands-on food systems continuing studies program.
  • Shea Wyatt, Dwight Owens and Jennifer Putland: UVic@Home
  • Emma Harrison, Isaac Dekker and Hayley Smith: Local waste streams to energy