Section 10: Usage of university terms

10.1 Alumna/us/ae/i

Use the word “alumni” to refer to a group of people of both sexes (or where the sex of the group members is unknown) who have graduated from university.

“alumnus” refers to an individual male graduate
“alumna” refers to an individual female graduate
“alumnae” refers to a group of female graduates

10.2 Emeritus

The honorific “emeritus” is used to denote chancellors, presidents, faculty members, librarians and senior instructors who have retired but retain their rank or title. Senate has designated the term “emeritus” for use in referring to male or female individuals. For referring to more than one individual, the preferred usage is “professors emeritus.”

Julia P. Smith, professor emeritus, chaired the committee.
Roland Smith, biology professor emeritus
Ali Akbar Kahn, professor emeritus of ethnomusicology
Professor Emeritus John W. Jones
The department’s faculty members included two professors emeritus.

10.3 Undergraduate/graduate students

Public recognition of UVic in its role as a graduate education provider would be enhanced if, whenever possible and appropriate, communications specify “graduate” or “undergraduate” when referring to students.