Section 7: Lists

7.1 Run-in lists (items in series)

Run-in lists that introduce lists with the word “including” do not require a colon.

UVic is a leader in various research areas, including particle physics, climate modeling and aging.

With colon: UVic is a leader in various research areas: particle physics, climate modeling and aging.

If any of the items in a series requires internal punctuation, all items should be separated by a semicolon.

Participants should pack warm, sturdy outer clothing; two pairs of boots; and binoculars.

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7.2 Vertical lists (outline style)

Vertical lists can stand alone with or without a heading.

Faculty of Education academic units

  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
  • School of Physical Education

Bulleted or numbered lists may be introduced by a complete sentence followed by a colon. These types of lists do not require internal or terminal punctuation.

Students must obtain the following documents:

  • official transcripts
  • a letter of permission
  • record of degree program

Bulleted lists that form part of a sentence and are not preceded by a colon require internal and terminal punctuation. (These lists are often better run into the text and should only be bulleted if the context demands that they be highlighted.)

Prior to registering for courses at another institution, students should obtain

  • an official transcript,
  • a letter of permission from academic advising, and
  • a record of degree program.
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7.3 When to use bulleted or numbered lists

Use numbered vertical lists to indicate order, chronology or relative importance. If order, chronology or importance need not be indicated, use bullets.

7.4 Vertical lists and capitalization

Do not capitalize the first word of items in a bulleted or numbered list unless it is a proper noun.

Names and formal job titles should be capitalized and set off by commas when set into a vertical list.

Glen Phillips, Corporate Controller
Yasmine Brown, Senior Instructor

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