Technical specs


Use either the horizontal or vertical format for print and electronic materials, but consider the shape of the space in which you're using it when deciding which format to use.

Horizontal logo
Vertical image


Minimum size

Make sure the shield element is at least 0.375” in height for print and 35 pixels high for web.

Minimum size logo

Maximum size

As a general rule for print pieces, make sure the shield element isn't wider than 10 per cent of the page's width.

Maximum size logo


  • Use the full colour logo against a white background when it doesn’t compete with other elements on the page, or when we're providing a logo to sponsor an event.

    Colour example
  • Use the black version for black and white materials, or when a strong contrast with colour is warranted.

    Black and white example

  • Use the reverse (white) version against colour backgrounds.

    White example

  • Use the dark blue version when the logo is used in close proximity to other Edge design elements.

    Blue example


So that the logo remains uncluttered, leave a rectangular clear space around the logo, where the minimum distance between the logo and any other element is equal to the height of the white bar at the top of the shield.

Logo spacing