Payments to third parties

UVic faculty and staff may need to request payment directly to a third party for transactions that do not have an invoice.  These transactions are submitted to Financial Services using a payment request form (NEW online format).  Common uses of this form are honoraria, unscheduled or emergency scholarships and bursaries, refunds or remittances to other organizations.

Financial Services has implemented the Chrome River expense management system for online submission of payment requests to non-employees (such as students and guest speakers) and recommends its use over paper submissions.  Refer to the expense management system webpage for more information.

What information do I need to support this transaction?

As long as the form is complete and has been properly approved, no additional information needs to be attached.  If you have a supporting invoice, refer to the payments to external vendors webpage.

Who needs to approve the form?

Payment request forms require only one type of approval:

  • Accountholder or delegate who is eligible to approve transactions for the specific FAST account being used

For more information on approval authority and the purpose of each type of approval, refer to the  Approval Authority webpage.

What if I have several requests of a similar type of payment?

Instead of completing several payment request forms for the same type of payment for different payees, these requests can be submitted via spreadsheet with an accompanying approval.  As a general guideline, if you are requesting five or more of a similar payment, it will be more efficient to use the following spreadsheet:

  • Use the payment upload template to populate the payee information and other supporting details – only complete the columns as outlined in the payment upload quick guide and as shown in the sample spreadsheet
  • Complete the AP feeds upload form noting the total of the payments on the attached spreadsheet as shown in the sample form
  • Indicate the FAST account holder or delegate who will approve the payment on the online form or attach email approval
  • Attach the completed spreadsheet to the AP feeds upload form and submit.

Refer to the payment upload quick guide for more information on how to complete the template spreadsheet.