2022 Year-end payroll updates

Last Payrolls of 2022

The final SM payroll is this Monday (the 19th) covering casual/hourly work from the 1-15th of December. 


The final SA payroll run on December 20th, covering the 16-31st of December. The paperwork deadline for the SA run is Thursday the 15th. Off cycle payments will not be done after Dec 20th as we will be changing our tax and benefit tables. Any late paperwork will be delayed until January.


For paper cheques,  Canada Post will have the cheques in advance, and will be putting them into the mail system on the 29th of Dec. The bottom section of your paystub shows how you are currently being paid.


We advise everyone to enroll in Direct Deposit.


2023 Calendar updates

2023 processing calendars have been posted. You can download, view online, or add to Outlook. All of the resources for the payroll calendars can be found at www.uvic.ca/fins/calendar.


2023 SM1 (1st casual run) approvals

The first payroll of the year will be on Tuesday Jan 3rd 2023, the day that we return from the closure.


This means that your department/web time entry approvals have to be done before that point in time. Ideally, completed by December 23rd.


While you will be able to key and approve over the break, our office will be closed, so we will not be able to assist with any issues.  


2023 Taxes

As of January EI and CPP will start deducting again for those that went over the yearly maximum in 2022. This means that anyone with income over $60,000 will see a decrease in their take-home (Net) pay due to EI and CPP deductions starting again for the 2023 tax year.


January job changes

While we will be prioritizing December job changes, we will also be working on some January job changes over the next couple of weeks. Please continue to submit your TA EPAFs and Sessional appointments through December as we will be doing our best to get a head-start on 2023.