Payroll updates for June 2021

With the end of the spring term and the start of June, there are a number of things that are going on in the Payroll department to be aware of. 

Minimum wage increase

As of June 1st 2021, BC's minimum wage is increasing from $14.60 to $15.20 per hour. Over the next two weeks we will be adjusting any employees with a rate below the new minimum wage to the new rate. The FAST HR Time Entry Method report is a quick way to check the hourly rates for any staff on your team. If you want to change the hourly rate beyond $15.20 per hour, you can use a PSCR to make rate changes on any job

New Sign-and-Submit form

We have been receiving feedback about the ability to trace forms sent digitally to payroll. In response to this we have created a new Sign and Submit form. We will be retiring the old form in the next few weeks; however, the new form is available now!

The new form provides an automatic response with the V#, name, and type of paperwork for the employee. While these are additional fields to fill out, it makes it easier for you to find submission dates, and it makes it easier for payroll to trace. When we do move to a ticketing system (we are working on it), it will also use this type of information on submission. 

Speaking of forms...

Form updates

We have updated most of our forms this week. Please make sure that you are downloading the latest Versions. We have updated:

  • V00 has been changed to V0
    • It's likely this summer we will have our first V01****** V-number.
  • 951/917 salary tables
    • With annual increases in April, we have updated the form to have the correct values.
  • Faculty appointments
    • We have added Country of Birth, this is required for government reporting.
  • Formatting/print changes
    • There was a lot of blank space in the forms that we have removed for better conversion to PDF.

If you are having issues with any of the forms, let me know at

Termination of un-paid casual jobs

Through May, we have terminated a large number of casual jobs that have not been paid in the last 6 months. These would be casual jobs that we did not receive an Advise of Separation or a termination EPAF for. The FAST HR Time Entry Method report is a good way to review who is currently on your payroll roster.

An outcome of this is that a non-active casual employee may have lost access to VPN, Teams, or other online services. If you have a non-active employee that still requires access, Affiliate Management System allows you to define a community member as an affiliate so that they can have access to UVic resources.

Automatic employee emails

We will be rolling out a set of automated employee emails in the next couple of weeks. Your employees may receive an email on:

  • Direct Deposit enrollment
    • Employees that are required to be enrolled in direct deposit, but have not yet done so, will be asked to sign-up two days before their applicable payroll. 
  • Expiring or missing immigration information
    • Replacing our current immigration reminder process, these emails will remind employees that their immigration information is expiring or is required, and provide them with the methods to submit their immigration paperwork.

End-of-term paperwork requirements

When an employment term ends, payroll requires an Advice of Separation for any employees that require an ROE or a payout of leave or benefits. This includes:

  • CUPE 951 and 917 terms
  • PEA terms
  • ME terms

For employees with only statutory deductions we do not require an Advice of Separation. This includes:

  • Co-op/SI 
  • CUPE 4163 Component 1 - TAs
  • Most grant funded term employees

Any termination paperwork can always be submitted using the new Sign and Submit form!