Uni 102 Social Sciences

Uni 102 Social Sciences

University 102 is a free, non-credit social sciences course for people who have faced barriers to accessing post-secondary education. Students do not need to take Uni 101 before taking Uni 102.

This course will introduce students to the social sciences which were developed out of a desire to understand human social realities, through geographical, psychological, economic, political science, anthropological, and sociological approaches and explanations.

These perspectives are applicable to many aspects of people's lived experiences both individually and collectively, and help us understand our lives in a social context. While each week you will be looking at different topics, there will be many common threads that run through the course as a whole. You will ideally make many connections between different lecture topics, and are encouraged to ask “How does this relate to other topics we have already discussed?”

Each week you will be exploring different ways to view and engage with the world around you. University 102 is also a place for students to try out new ideas. It is important that ideas are expressed and heard in respectful and open-minded ways. This course is intended to make university more accessible for people who have faced barriers to post-secondary education.

We strive to make this course as supportive as possible, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you in your learning. We also strive to create a learning environment where the students, teaching assistants and instructors all have many things to contribute to each othersʼ learning experiences.

Topics will include: anthropology, sociology, political Science, psychology, environmental studies, geography and economics.

What will the course be like?

  • Classes will start in January and end in April.
  • Classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the main campus of the University of Victoria or online (our course is currently hybrid).
  • Each week a different social sciences topic will be covered and each class will include both a lecture by a university instructor and in-class discussion.
  • Each week, instructors choose readings for the class to read and engage with. These readings will give important background information and will enable the class to participate in seminar and discussions. Questions or challenges that arise during the reading can be discussed during the small group discussion period or during seminars.
  • The University 102 course is designed to be an engaged learning environment. The community develops through the participation of everyone in class.
  • There will be teaching assistants and student volunteers to facilitate discussions and support student learning.
  • Throughout the course, we will also create space to develop and practice academic skills, such as critical reading, writing and thinking. This will be done in small groups to deepen the experience and build knowledge together.

What resources will be provided for students?

  • Students will be given a meal each class.
  • Bus fare and child care subsidies will be provided where needed.
  • All course materials will be provided.