University 101

Check in with Uni 201

What's Happening with Alumni Programming / Uni 201

Check in with Uni 201 All Grads of Uni 101 / 102 Welcome!

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Two students look at a book together in the library. More students read and look for books in the background.

Student-directed learning

At Uni 101 we learn from and with each other, sharing knowledge and tools for learning.

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Three students stand at the white board, one with a pen is writing.

Students as leaders

Students in the Uni 101 courses are invited to see themselves as leaders and active participants in the learning community.

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A student smiles at the camera in the classroom. More students talk with each other in the background.

Uni 101 alumni community

After completing Uni 101 or 102, students are invited to participate in ongoing alumni/201 programming.

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Many students sit talking together in small groups of 4 or 5.


Uni 101 cultivates collaborative learning.

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A student facilitator sits facing the camera. A group of students talk with each other in the background.

Facilitator volunteer opportunities

UVic undergraduate and graduate students volunteer with Uni 101 to share their learning skills and facilitate small group discussions.

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What is University 101?

University 101 is a program that offers FREE, non-credit, academic courses that will introduce students to a wide range of university topics. Non-credit means that you will get a completion certificate for attending the course, but the course cannot be applied to a degree or diploma program.

We aim to remove barriers to learning, so we provide meals and all course supplies, as well as bus tickets and childcare when needed.

What is the goal of University 101 and 102?

To provide introductory academic courses to people whose economic and social circumstances normally pose obstacles to university education.

Why do a course like University 101 or 102?

Because critical thinking and a passion for learning are elements of citizenship that can and should be shared amongst everyone. Humanities and Social Sciences give us ways to understand our own society and our selves.

Acknowledgement of the territories

We acknowledge with respect the Lkwungen-speaking peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

Uni 101 studies the humanities; from ancient Rome to modern advertising. Topics change on a weekly basis, each topic will be presented by UVic proferssors. Classes will start in September and end in December. 

Uni 102 looks at the social sciences; from ethnobotany to psychology. Topics change on a weekly basis, each topic will be presented by UVic proferssors. Classes will start in January and end in April.

Check out our Online Academic Community site for more info, or email us at

We accept new TA Volunteers every September and January.