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“ReImagining Masculinities” Conference comes to UVic

The SJS Program is excited to announce that on May 11, 2018, ReImagining Masculinities will be hosting a full-day conference at the David Lam Auditorium. The conference seeks to advance conversations on non-violent, healthy masculinities and social justice. This conference is not officially endorsed by the SJS program, however we strongly support its message and encourage attendance for those who are interested.

Annual Medieval Conference: Daily Life in the Medieval Household

Please join us on Saturday, February 4, 2023, for a look at the comforts, hazards, and secrets of daily life in the medieval household. From Beijing to Baghdad to Bergen, what was the level ofmaterial enjoyment and efficiency in medieval homes around the world? How many people slept in one bed? To what extent were belongings shared and safeguarded? What were the roles of children amongother members of kith and kin? Who was included and excluded? Join us for a one-day exploration of medieval domesticity and daily life.

University of Victoria Men’s Rugby at Castaway Wanderers

University of Victoria Men’s Basketball at UBC Okanagan

Armageddon Time

The most personal film yet from James Gray ( The Immigrant, Ad Astra) is also one of his greatest, an exquisitely detailed and deeply emotional etching of a time and place: Queens, 1980. Set against the backdrop of a country on the cuspof ominous sociopolitical change, Armageddon Timefollows sixth grader Paul Graff. At the same time that Paul builds a friendship with classmate Johnny, who's mercilessly targeted by their racist teacher, he finds himselfincreasingly at odds with his parents (Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway), for whom financial success and assimilation are key to the family's Jewish-American identity. Paul feels on firmest groundwith his kind grandfather (a marvelous Anthony Hopkins), whose life experiences have granted him a weathered compassion.

University of Victoria Women’s Basketball at UBC Okanagan

Board Games Night

This program is dedicated to creating an environment for students to have fun and socialize together.

The Choirs YYJ Birthday Concert

TheChoirs YYJ Birthday Concert With West My Friend!

Saturday February 4th 2023 at 7pm