"Tuvalu Funafuti atoll beach" by Stefan Lins
Tuvalu is one of many nations at high risk from rising sea levels.

The following Faculty and associated instructors currently are involved in HDCC. See their websites for their specific research interests.

HDCC and Environmental Studies
Assistant Teaching Professor
Curriculum and Instruction
Indigenous Education
Hakai Professor
Faculty of Law
Environmental Law and Sustainability, the role of municipalities in climate change: a key level for regulation
Assistant Professor
School of Public Administration
Office: HSDA344
Climate-relevant decision-making; barriers to behavior change
Office: Cornett A239
Visiting Scholar
Centre for Global Studies
Assistant Professor
Earth and Ocean Sciences
Office: BWC Room A323
Professor and Senior Scholar
Public Health and Social Policy
Office: HSD Room B202c
The meaning and morals of climate change: Questions for our age
Office: Clearihue Building B309
Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
Local knowledge of ecosystems, feedbacks between climate change, warming permafrost, vegetation change, and the abundance of country foods.
Office: David Turpin Building B264
Associate Professor - Political Science
Director, Human Dimensions of Climate Change
Climate change and the federal political system: Why it’s hard to move
Office: David Turpin Building A346
Associate Professor
Agri-food governance, ecological feminism, environmental sociology
Office: Cornett A330
Lead, Regional Climate Impacts
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Office: UH1
Environmental Studies
Office: David Turpin Building B222
Professor, Executive Director
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Office: UH1 Room 216
Director, Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
Professor, Director
Business, CSSI
Office: BEC 472