Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Trisalyn Nelson

BikeMaps.org spins success across the globe

Geography professor Trisalyn Nelson holds one of the 500 BikeMaps.org water bottles recently given away to cyclists in the CRD.

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Lisa Hoplock

Saying "I do" to a PhD in marriage proposals

PhD student Lisa Hoplock is delving into the psychology behind successful and failed marriage proposals.

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Stz'uminus First Nation elder Ray Harris

Modern tools document histories of Indigenous terrain

Stz'uminus First Nation elder Ray Harris has mentored youth in working with UVic anthropology professor Brian Thom's mapping project. Photo credit: Chad Hipolito

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Makenzie Zouboules

Arctic youth program awarded million-dollar prize

UVic political science and writing student Makenzie Zoublouls had front-row seats at the Arctic Inspiration Award ceremony, as the first peer leader for the FOXY sexual health participatory research project. (photo credit:Fred Cattroll/ArcticNet)

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Catherine Orr

Rain garden makes a splash for local school

Thanks to Environmental Studies master's student, Catherine Orr, a new rainwater system and rain garden are now working, entertaining and educating at a local school.

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photo credit: Guillame Mazille/Raincoast

Genetics confirm Indigenous knowledge about coastal wolves

Coastal wolves disagree on diet, splitting the species says a study co-authored by UVic geography professor Dr.Chris Darimont.

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