Are humans unsustainable 'super predators'?

A UVic study shows how extreme human predatory behavior is responsible for widespread wildlife extinctions, shrinking fish sizes and disruptions to global food chains.

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photo credit: Joanne McSporran

13,000-year-old footprints?

Twelve single footprints were discovered in April in a layer of clay on a beach on BC’s central coast - they could be the oldest human footprints in North America.

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Leslie Butt

Study on transnational migration focuses on statelessness

A new study on the impacts of migration on children in Indonesia points to simple solutions with great impact. Two UVic researchers, with an Australian collaborator, conducted this community-engage research.

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Rebeccah Nelems

Trudeau scholar examines youth and empathy in Canada

Is empathy changing in a world where social media and globalization are rapidly transforming how we interact with others? UVic's Rebeccah Nelems is investigating empathy and youth as part of a prestigious three-year scholarship announced today from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.

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Olaf Niemann

Research chair sheds light on Earth's surface

UVic geographer Olaf Niemann, an international leader in remote sensing technology, is the newly appointed BC Leadership Chair in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. It is the first and only research program in this field in Canada.

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Dr. Trisalyn Nelson spins success across the globe

Geography professor Trisalyn Nelson holds one of the 500 water bottles recently given away to cyclists in the CRD.

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