Reporting concerns

Reporting non-academic student misconduct

From time to time, misconduct occurs on campus that cannot be resolved informally through direct, respectful communication. When informal resolution is not possible or appropriate, university community members may report the incidents of non-academic misconduct to the Office of Student Life using the incident reporting form. If you are unclear whether the incident is able to be resolved informally or requires a formal investigation, you can contact the .

Examples of non-academic misconduct include:

  • Highly disruptive behaviour
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Health and safety risks
  • Verbal or written threats
  • High-risk drug or alcohol use
  • Physical violence

Incident Reporting Form

Reporting other concerns

  • If you choose to report an incident of sexualized violence, reports need to be made to the Sexualized violence resource office.
  • Discrimination, harassment or human rights concerns should be reported to the Equity and Human Rights Office.
  • Violence or threatening behaviour should be immediately reported to the police and Campus Security at 250-721-7599. If the situation is urgent or criminal, immediately call 9-1-1.
  • Academic misconduct or integrity concerns should be reported in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy available in the academic calendar.

Not sure where to report?

Contact us for more information.