Scheduling Elders

Yowtz respected colleagues!

The IACE staff is working very hard to support the ongoing requests for our Elders' Voices. We also respect that many of you have personal relationships and connections with our Elders. I am writing to ask for your assistance that when scheduling an Elder to work in your Unit, to please complete the online request form. Even if you have a personal relationship to our Elders, we ask that this form is filled out so that the scheduling is in our calendar. This ensures that way we know where the Elder has been invited and who to contact on their behalf.

Since September, there has been a high flow of requests and on several occasions, our Elders are left not knowing where they are meant to be, or who invited them. While they might have written in their calendar, they may not have written the name of the requestee or the event. For these reasons, we are asking you to support us so that we can continue to support our precious Elders through clear communication.

To request an Elder, please use this booking form

For questions or assistance, please contact: 
Administrative Assistant, Darlene Masso
Cultural Protocol Liaison, Shannon Pelkey
Community Engagement Manager, Diane Sam

Darlene manages the online registration for Elders' Voices and works closely with Shannon and Diane to ensure Elders are looked after in a good way.

Please share this information with other Deans and Directors. 

In good spirit,

Kundoqk, Jacquie Green
Executive Director, IACE