Summer course offerings

The University has announced that the summer offerings would be online.  The department of Mathematics and Statistics wants to ensure that any online delivery is of the same quality and standard as our face to face classes.    We have been working to assess the availability of resources to properly create online offerings for our scheduled courses.


At this point in time, we have determined that we will not be able to offer MATH 109, MATH 102, MATH 151 and MATH 122 online this summer.  All of these courses will be offered again in the fall term, but for the summer please be aware that the equivalent of these courses are available online through Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning. 

UVic Course                   Thompson Rivers – Open Learning Course

MATH 100/109              MATH 1241 – Calculus I

MATH 102                      MATH 1157 – Calculus for Biol & Social Sci

MATH 122                      MATH 1701 – Discrete Mathematics

MATH 151                      MATH 1101 – Finite Math

You can find the transfer in BC Transfer Guide,


If you are looking to take this course through Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning, or another online option like Athabasca University, please pay attention to the following matters:


  1.    Letter of Permission (LoP)

Students need to get a LoP from their Faculty Advising Centre.  Students in the Humanities, Science or Social Science can request a LoP using the form here


  1. Prerequisite in Progress form –

If are planning to take a course from the department of Mathematics and Statistics in the fall that requires this course as a prerequisite, you can complete a Prerequisite in Progress form ( and return it to me.  I will place an override so that you are not blocked from registering for your fall courses because of prerequisites being taken elsewhere.  Please contact other departments directly for their processes.

  1. Student Loan Considerations –

Students with loans may need to make sure that the number of courses they are taking is properly counted to make sure they don’t fall below the minimum number required.  You will need to check with Student Financial Aid at:  or phone (250) 721-8423.


  1.          Questions —

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask myself ( or Mathematics Advising can be emailed at or Statistics Advising is