Our People


Herbarium staff


Curator: Dr. Terri Lacourse

Curator Emerita: Dr. Geraldine A. Allen

Adjunct Professor: Dr. Joe Antos

Graduate Assistant: Daisuke Yamakawa

Undergraduate Assistant: Jennifer Rodriguez

BIOL 449 Assistant: Martin Liu

Graduate students

Rande Kanne, MSc Phylogeography and Migration History of Quercus garryana
Kristen Miskelly, MSc Vegetation and Climate History of the Fraser Glaciation on Southeastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Heidi Guest, MSc  Phylogeography of Rhodiola integrifolia
Erica Wheeler, MSc Phylogeography of Allium amplectens
Mike Miller, PhD Demography of Calochortus lyallii
Allan Hawryzk, MSc Demography of Allium amplectens


Undergraduate students

Kai Friele Documenting the Range of Dryas 'octopetala' s.l. x D. integrifolia      Hybrids 
Kailey Strachan Local Indigenous Names of Plant Species in the UVIC Herbarium
Rob Underhill Multivariate Morphometric Analysis of the Genera Eucephalus and Doellingeria (Asteraceae) 
Jen Walker Morphology and Biogeography of Erythronium grandiflorum
Ciara Sharpe Exploring Geographic Variation in Erythronium oregonum
Sherri Elwell Phylogeography of Silene acaulis
Heidi Guest Age Structure of a Montane Conifer Seedling Bank
Matt Mitchell Reproductive Ecology of Oemleria cerasiformis