Publications and presentations

This section is for publications and presentations produced by, or related to, the ELPH project, and selected publications by ELPH co-investigators. Please check back often, as we'll be adding more content as it's created. 

Kent, A., Loppie, C., Carriere, J., MacDonald, M., Pauly, B. (2017). Xpey’ relational environments: An analytic framework for conceptualizing Indigenous health equity. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada. 37(12): 237-280.

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Pauly, B., MacDonald, M., O'Briain, W., Hancock, T., Perkin, K., Martin, W., Zeisser, C., Lowen, C., Wallace, B., Beveridge, R.,Cusack, E., & Riishede, J. on behalf of the ELPH Research Team (2013). Health equity tools. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.

Pauly, B., MacDonald, M., Hancock, T., Martin, W., & Perkin, K. (2013). Reducing health inequities: the contribution of core public health services in BC. BMC Public Health, 13:550. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-550

PHSSR 2016 Improving Health Equity Webinar: Developing Public Health Policy Research Frameworks with Concept Mapping
July 6, 2016, Presented by Marjorie MacDonald and Bernie Pauly

Pathways to Health Equity 2016: Got Your Health Equity Glasses?: Getting Clarity on Health Equity Tools
June 1, 2016, Poster presented by Tina Revai

Pathways to Health Equity 2016: From Talk to Action: Implementing a Poplulation Health Intervention to Reduce Health Inequities in BC
May 31, 2016, Presented by Tina Revai

Pathways to Health Equity 2016: Ethical Issues of Public Health Practitioners in Promoting Health Equity
May 31, 2016, Presented by Tina Revai

Sparking Solutions Summit: From Talk to Action: Implementing a Population Health Intervention to Reduce Health Inequities in BC
April 26, 2016, Presented by Bernie Pauly

Nursing Practice with People Who Use Drugs: Fostering Culturally Safe Spaces
October 23, 2015, Presented by Bernie Pauly and Jane McCall

Removing Barriers to Higher Education to Promote Health Equity Among Indigenous Canadians
October 22, 2015, Presented by Alex Kent

CPHA 2015: Xpey’ Relational Environments: A Tree Model for Understanding Indigenous Health Equity
May 26, 2015, Presented by Alex Kent

CPHA 2015: Health equity assessment of STI clinical nursing guideline
May 26, 2015, Presented by Cheryl Prescott

CPHA 2015: Intersectoral Collaboration in Public Health
May 25, 2015, Presented by Bernie Pauly

PHSSR Keeneland 2015: Using complexity science to improve public health systems and services in Canada
April 22, 2015, Presented by Marjorie MacDonald and Bernie Pauly

PHSSR Keeneland 2015: Is health equity a priority? Perceptions from health system decision makers and practitioners in British Columbia
April 21, 2015, Presented by Phuc Dang

PHABC 2014: Xpey’ Relational Environments: A Tree Model for Understanding Indigenous Health Equity
December 4, 2014, Presented by Alex Kent

Annual National Gathering of Graduate Students in Aboriginal Health Research 2014 Health Equity in First Nations Health Governance
July 13, 2014, Presented by Alex Kent

CPHA 2014 Study One: Is Health Equity a Priority?
May 28th, 2014, Presented by Corrine Lowen

CPHA 2014 ELPH Concept Mapping
May 27th, 2014, Presented by Kathleen Perkin

Northern Research Days & Conference of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society
November 15, 2013, Presented by Wanda Martin

PHABC 2013 Social Network Analysis Workshop
November 5th, 2013, Presented by Kathleen Perkin and Marjorie MacDonald

PHABC 2013 Study One Preliminary Document Analysis
November 5th, 2013, Presented by Bernie Pauly and Corrine Lowen

PHABC 2012 powerpoint slides
November 22nd, 2012, Presented by Bernie Pauly and Kathleen Perkin

Powerpoint slides from the team meeting in Vancouver
October 17th, 2012, multiple presenters

Canadian Public Health Association - An equity lens, equity frameworks and a proliferation of equity tools
June 11th, 2012, Presented by Simon Carroll

CIHR Population and Public Health Researcher-Practitioner Workshop: Bridging the Gap Researcher Panel
January 24th, 2012, Presented by Marjorie MacDonald

This is a selected list of publications by our academic co-investigators.

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