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Critical Reflections for Health Equity Tools

Health equity tools are one strategy for promoting health equity within health systems. While there are a broad selection of tools available, selecting the right tool and effectively implementing it requires careful consideration. Our "Critical Reflections for Health Equity Tools" resource provides guidelines for the assessment, selection and use of health equity tools.
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Making Health Equity a Priority

Health inequities result from unfair distributions of power, wealth and resources that create deficits in the social conditions that determine health. Although many determinants of health lie outside the health system, reorientation of health systems towards health equity is an essential component to reducing health inequities. In this resource, "Making Health Equity a Priority", we provide and describe six key strategies for making health equity a priority in health systems.
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The 5 Building Blocks for Equity in Collective Impact

Health equity does not emerge intrinsically from well-intended multisectoral partnerships, but rather must be systematically prioritized throughout collaborative work. Collective Impact (CI) is a structured approach to aligning actions across sectors for solutions to complex social problems. As part of one of our ELPH internships,  we identified that Scott’s Five Building Blocks for Equity-Focused Work provides a useful framework to ensure health equity is integrated into Collective Impact efforts. Our interpretation of Scott’s Five Building Blocks, based on other readings, is outline in our third KTE resource.
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