The passing of Dr. Myer Horowitz

Dr. Myer Horowitz, Research Fellow and founding member of the Centre for Youth & Society, passed away peacefully on October 24, 2022, at the age of 89. Dr. Horowitz joined the Centre for Youth & Society in 2002. He was a great supporter of the Centre and will be remembered as a strong advocate for interdisciplinary and community-engaged research, and as an established scholar in early childhood development, education, and policy.

Dr. Horowitz was the first Chair of the Centre for Youth and Society’s Advisory Board. The Centre has two Student Awards after his name for community-engaged research and conference presentations. The Myer Horowitz Student Awards have helped countless students to pursue community-engaged research.

Last May, Dr. Horowitz gave an inaugural talk to our first Flourishing Children & Youth Program Fair that marked the 20th anniversary of the Centre. His talk was memorable for all attendees, including research fellows, students, and community partners. We will remember him for the many Program Fairs to come.

We acknowledge that Dr. Horowitz’s legacy extends well beyond the Centre for Youth & Society and that many other communities have been affected by his passing. However, we are truly grateful for all that he has done for the Centre, and our ability to work with the community, children, youth, and families.

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