CFYS Fall 2021 Speaker Series: Dr. Nigel Mantou Lou

As part of the Centre for Youth & Society's Speaker Series, Dr. Nigel Mantou Lou will be presenting on Chinese Canadians’ experiences of the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism: Implications for identity, negative emotion, and anti-racism incident reporting. On Thursday, December 9th (4:30pm), we welcome faculty, students and other members of CFYS to join us in learning from CFYS Research Fellows on their current projects.

COVID-19 pandemic poses various threats for all Canadians, but Asian Canadians have also faced increased racism. As a result of this discrimination, not only is Chinese Canadians’ psychological wellbeing undermined, but also their sense of belonging to the Canadian society. Generational status is also associated with the relative impact of pandemic-related challenges, such that foreignborn Chinese Canadians experienced more health, financial, and cultural threats, whereas Canadian-born Chinese perceived more personal and group discrimination. As the prejudice and discrimination against Chinese Canadians are likely to continue, there are ongoing challenges for research and the community to work together in combating racism, encouraging anti-racism reporting, and supporting Chinese and other Asian Canadians’ resilience and recovery from the pandemic.

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