CFYS Fall 2021 Speaker Series: Dr. Paweena Sukhawathanakul

As part of the Centre for Youth & Society's Fall 2021 Speaker Series, Dr. Paweena Sukhawathanakul will present on The Impact of School Climate on Children’s Peer Victimization Experiences. We welcome faculty, students and other members of CFYS to join us on Thursday Dec. 2nd (4:30pm) in learning from CFYS Research Fellows on their current projects.

Context-related factors such as school climate have been associated with reductions in an array of concerns including school violence, peer victimization and bullying. School climate is a complex multidimensional construct that globally refers to the quality of school life such as the normative beliefs, values, and ideals that prevail in a school community and that are manifested in the relationships among its members. The current talk will discuss research on children’s perceptions of school climate and how it relates to the quality of their interpersonal relationships, as well as how schools can leverage prevention and intervention programs to promote contexts that reinforce positive school climates.

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