New Discussion Group: Global South Colloquium

Global South Colloquium

CFGS is proud to announce its support of a new discussion group, the Global South Colloquium. The Global South Colloquium provides a forum for regular interdisciplinary exchange and intellectual exploration among faculty, graduate students, and all members of the Uvic community on the history and politics of globalization. The colloquium focuses its attention on the “Global South,” traditionally referring to parts of the world whose states emerged out of the embers of European empires in South Asia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. More than a geographical orientation to the “non-West,” the colloquium poses the “Global South” to think not only about the post-colonial world’s histories, cultures, and political directions, but also as a provocation to orient discussions about the world-system, its contours, inequities, and sources of power, thereby including a focus not divided by geography and nation-states, but defined by placement within global histories and practices. Each year will revolve around a crucial theme in the history and politics of globalization, from topics such as religion, cultural and artistic exchange, global ecological change, the politics of indigeneity, the politics of aid and development, migrations, and the impacts and meanings of decolonization. Each academic year the colloquium will host a range of four to six scholars of international reputation, speaking to aspects of the year’s thematic focus.

For more information, check out the website here.