CARBC researchers awarded new grants

CARBC Researchers have recently been awarded the following two grants:

·         A $250,000 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant over two years to assess the effects of recent (2014) federal prostitution laws (including, for the first time in Canada, the criminalization of the purchase of sexual services) on the health of sex workers across five Canadian cities (Victoria, Calgary, Montréal, St John's and Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge).  The research team is led by Cecilia Benoit, Dan Reist, Chris Atchison, and Mikael Jansson.
For grant details, see:

·         A $178,000 SSHRC Insight Grant over the next four years to study interactions between substance-using youth and the police in three BC communities (Chilliwack, Prince George, and Victoria).  The team hopes to learn more about the police practice of street checks (i.e., “carding”) and drug possession charges as they relate to individual factors such as ethnicity, homelessness, and gender, and community factors, such as community values of tolerance towards drug use.  Investigators include CARBC’s Scott A. Macdonald, Bernie Pauly, Eric Roth, Mikael Jansson, Tim Stockwell, Dan Reist, and Cecilia Benoit; also Cindy Hardy (UNBC ), Scot Wortley (UoT), Sephen Baron (Queen’s), and Zina Lee (UFV).​