Folded brochures


Printing Services produces thousands of forms for the university community. Forms can be printed any size from 8 ½ x 5 ½ up to 11 x 17 and we can print any quantity up to 100,000 copies. Remember to add your departmental contact information for easy user-reference.

Carbonless forms

Carbonless forms are two to five part form-sets which allow you to make multiple copies of the same form without carbon sheets. Our printing requisitions are an example of carbonless forms.

  • Available in the following colours: white, canary, pink, goldenrod, blue and green. Standard colour sequence for up to a four-part form is white, canary, pink and goldenrod.

  • Our standard carbonless stock is Mead Excel®.

  • It’s easiest for people to understand which form is theirs to keep if you identify at the bottom of the form who keeps which colour.

  • If the form is used by others outside of your department, remember to add your telephone and fax numbers, campus address and email.