Books and newsletters


Books are folded sheets of a document which are collated and bound. We offer different binding options depending on the amount of pages and the type of paper. The binding options include; side stitch, saddle stitch, coil bound, and perfect bound. All options are available in house and we also have samples of each. Some products that are commonly ordered and bound are; program guides, convocation booklets, calendars, newsletters, annual reports and promotional booklets etc. If you have an upcoming printed project please don't hesitate to ask our advice on a bound book.



Newsletters can be set 11” x 17” and folded to 8½” x 11” then to fit an envelope if you will be mailing your newsletters off-campus. You can choose from a wide variety of paper stocks and ink colours to suit your style. Remember to keep plenty of “white space” open when designing your newsletter to make for easy reading.

Annual reports

An annual report can be used as a good promotional piece and we have a wide variety of papers and inks to suit any style and budget. These can be printed in several styles. Some styles to consider:

  • 8½" x 11" spiral-bound book

  • 11" x 17" booklet folded to 8½" x 11", saddle stitched

  • Folded brochure

Conference programs

Conference programs can be set as either a folded booklet or a spiral-bound book. Covers can be black or coloured ink, with black only or coloured ink throughout your text. The turnaround time for programs of less than 500 copies is about five business days. If you will need more than 500 copies of your program, please call us at 721-8301 to discuss turnaround times; 1000 copies will usually require eight to ten business days.

If creating a booklet-style program, remember there are four 8½" x 11" pages to one 11" x 17" sheet of paper.

Event programs

Programs are most often set at 8½" x 11" and folded to 8½" x 5½", with 11" x 17" size folded to 8½" x 11" being a close runner-up. Choose from a variety of paper stocks and ink colours to reflect the theme or atmosphere of your event.