Annual Statements: Timelines

There are three pension plans at the University of Victoria:

Each plan covers different employee groups. Visit Which pension plan do I belong to? to find out more. 

Annual Statements are provided to members at different times for members of different plans:

  • Combination & Money Purchase Plan
    All members of the Combination and Money Purchase pension plans will receive an Annual Report in the spring (April). In addition, the following members will receive the following Annual Statements: 
  • March: Pensioners receiving the Variable Benefit can expect to receive their Annual Statement, as well as instructions for payment election for the following year. 
  • April: Annual Statements are provided to all those who are not yet receiving a pension. 
  • June: Pensioners receiving the Internal Variable Annuity can expect to receive their Annual Statement with a notice of adjustments (effective July 01). 
  • Staff Plan
    July: Annual Statements are provided to all members, along with the Annual Report.

Did not receive your statement? 

The Annual Statements include information related to the last calendar year (ie, January to December of the previous year).  If you joined the Plan after December of last year, you will receive your first Annual Statement next year. 

If you think you should have received a statement please contact us