Sexualized violence awareness week Sept. 18-22

A host of activities are planned for Sexualized Violence Awareness Week to raise awareness about preventing the pervasive problem. Co-sponsored by the Office of Student Life, the University of Victoria Students’ Society, the Anti-Violence Project and Equity and Human Rights, the week underscores the fact that sexualized violence is unacceptable and that there are tangible ways we can all build a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

One of last year’s successful programs is being augmented by an online version this year. Since Bringing in the Bystander was initiated in the summer of 2016, more than 700 students have completed the three-hour workshop in which students learn how they can step in to help prevent incidents from escalating into sexualized violence.

The program has been refined to include an online bystander intervention training program which was launched this month by the Office of Student Life. So far, more than 1,200 students have participated in the online training. All incoming first-year students and students moving into residence have been sent information about the program and are encouraged to complete it.

“Step in, Speak up” is a 45-minute online training program that introduces students to the concept of bystander intervention on campus and equips them with the skills and awareness to recognize and safely intervene in situations that contribute or lead to sexualized violence.​ To take “Step in, Speak up,” visit Coursespaces and log in with your UVic NetLink ID.

An essential element to a campus free from sexualized violence is understanding the importance of consent. The Anti-Violence Project is holding a workshop during the week as well as other times during the year.

The week’s events include:

More information about Sexualized Violence Awareness Week.

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