Tree removal for NCIL and Engineering Expansion projects

Tree removal will take place near the Fraser and Engineering buildings from Feb. 24 to March 11 in preparation for the construction of the National Centre for Indigenous Laws (NCIL) and Engineering Expansion project.

Suitable trees from this harvest will be dried, prepared and incorporated into the construction of the NCIL as structural columns. Logs may be used for site furniture for NCIL and other projects on campus, and root balls will be harvested for use in the restoration of riverbanks and to support salmon spawning. Non- structural wood will be gifted to Indigenous communities.

All trees being cut are within the footprint of the new buildings and are not able to be retained. 

The university is committed to protecting and managing the ecological diversity of the natural areas on campus. Replacement trees will be planted on campus, and landscaping will be restored with Indigenous plantings.

For more information, contact or learn more on the Campus Planning and Sustainability website.

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