COVID-19 transmission mitigation

We know that the last few days have not been easy for some students in our community. We hope that by sharing what we are doing under the guidance of Island Health, you are reassured to know that the university and local health officials are taking all precautions required to mitigate the spread of infection.

Our local medical health officers have confirmed an increase in COVID-19 cases among students who attended two off-campus social gatherings this past weekend.

As with all cases of COVID-19 within Island Health, its public health team is performing contact tracing and supporting UVic’s case management team. Students who attended the two off-campus social gatherings have been advised to self-monitor for symptoms and follow directions provided to them by public health. This is done to help prevent transmission to others. Please take comfort in knowing that if you are not contacted by Island Health then you are not considered at risk. 

As COVID-19 continues to circulate in the broader community, there will be cases among members of our campus community. It is our ongoing reality and why our UVic safety plans and protocols follow guidance from the Public Health Officer.

Since the recent off-campus exposure events primarily impact a specific set of students in our business school and varsity programs, alternate exam arrangements are being made for these student groups. The rest of our exams remain as scheduled. Students who are unwell and unable to write any exams at the scheduled time, are encouraged to submit a request for academic concession to defer some or all of their exams. 

These recent events serve as a reminder to us all that indoor social settings, where there are few or no COVID-19 controls in place, can lead to transmission of COVID-19 even among vaccinated people. It also demonstrates why the university has introduced all of the prevention measures recommended by public health for post-secondary institutions in BC. When high immunization rates among students, faculty and staff are coupled with the core layers of protection like those outlined by the BC CDC and embedded in our communicable disease plan, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to abide by Public Health Officer guidelines, orders, and advice, which inform UVic’s COVID-19 policies and practices. When you take care of yourself, you take care of us all.